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Use caution six steel doors

Time:2016-06-20 17:18:25
Now many families use the interior doors are steel doors, steel doors and use some caution areas: first, the use of steel doors, do not hang heavy items on the door or avoid
     Now many families use the interior doors are steel doors, steel doors and use some caution place:
First, the use of steel doors, do not hang on the door too heavy items or avoid sharp objects inscribed touch, scratch, when you open or close the door, do not use excessive force or open angle is too large, so as not to damage the steel doors.
Second, do not always open the steel doors with locks with water-soaked hand (or other solution) to avoid locks discoloration. When open the door or turn the door handle, not too much force, thus reducing the life of the door lock. Hinges, door locks and other hardware accessories regular activities, the event immediately tighten loose. When the steel doors open door not working, you can add the right amount of pencil lead Mo to the keyhole.
Third, (FRP doors) wipe the glass, do not make the cleaning agent or water to seep into cracks in a glass bead, in order to avoid the pressure of the deformation. Do not wipe the glass too much force, in order to avoid glass breakage in serious personal injuries. After the glass is broken or a big bump, be sure to ask a professional service personnel.
     Fourth, remove surface stains steel doors (such as fingerprints), after the Kazakh gas may be wet, wipe with a soft cloth, with a hard cloth can easily scratch the surface, you can use a neutral cleaning agent stain is too heavy, or toothpaste furniture special cleaning agents, decontamination immediately wipe clean. Edges and corners of steel doors do not often friction, so as to avoid edges and corners decorative materials fade damaged. When the dust cleared on the wood products inconvenience when erasing a soft cotton cloth, a vacuum cleaner can be cleared. In order to maintain the steel door surface gloss and life, should be cleaned regularly, dust, use a wooden decoration products dedicated to the conservation of its liquid surface conservation.
Fifth, spring and winter, pay attention to indoor ventilation, keep indoor humidity, steel doors at normal room temperature, humidity, prevent wood products due to wet, the temperature difference is too large deformation, corrosion of metal parts rust occurs, Edge, decorated surface material off. When using electric heating or other heating equipment in the winter, to stay away from wood products, so as not to make it heat deformation.
Sixth, when painting the walls, steel doors should be covered to avoid paint off the surface of the product to make decorative materials peel, fade, affect the overall appearance.
     Do more than six, the use of steel doors must be very good, certainly better able to increase the steel doors of life!