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Prevention Tips - Family prevention knowledge Burglaries

Time:2016-06-20 17:17:52
For the masses generally occurs in all kinds of home burglaries, summarize common household self-defense methods and means of the following, in the hope of our publicity, the masses can strengthen their awareness of prevention, to take certain measures to reduce the occurrence of some residents home burglaries occurred, reduce the actual theft lose some people.
    First, the fence installation.
    Lower household and ease of climbing the balconies and windows to install protective nets. Note that when you install protective nets can not only beautiful, you want to increase the number of transverse reinforcement, and check whether the solder joints strong and solid, to prevent damage. Fence try not to highlight the wall, such as the installation of metal protrusion to be at the top, and make it to the top of the slope more than 60 degrees in case constitutes a "staircase" to facilitate criminals along grille upward climb one household crime, unnecessary losses and troubles.
    Second, the security door option.
    Should use reliable brand anti-theft door, a door to see the quality of the degree of fit between the two gatekeepers and door frames, whether the two binding tight. Must minimize the width of the door when you install security doors, to see whether the skid bars into it, which is one of the points of acceptance Door Installation eligibility. If the door is too large to be easily inserted into the skid bar, then solid doors may also be forced open. If necessary, change the direction of opening the security door and allowed the opening toward the corner, is not conducive to breaking the perpetrators. Also, do not think that security doors installed to sit back and relax, improper use of anti-theft doors are also easier to be forced open or bypassed, so be sure not to bother, or do not use part of its function. As no one at home or go to sleep at night, be sure to door locked from the inside to the safety position to prevent the perpetrators stabbed door burglary. Away from home, all of the bolt should all spend to increase the firmness of the security door.