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Fire door manufacturers strict quality control to ensure that products play a role in crisis

Time:2016-06-20 17:18:57
Maxim door industry is a professional manufacturer of fire doors, our strict quality control to ensure that products play a role in crisis over the years, we have specialized in the design and manufacture of fire doors, to ensure that all products meet fire safety requirements. Currently the whole industry, the production of nearly 1,000 species of fire protection products. But our fire protection products market order is also more confusion, a lot of low-quality fire products from entering the building works and fire system, resulting in fire-fighting facilities exist in name only, resulting in a large number of fire hazards seriously endanger public security. The new standard for the type of fire doors, classification, production materials and related concepts and requirements have been revised terms of product quality evaluation and testing requirements more stringent, it is a fire door enterprises to conduct a thorough reshuffle. This became the great challenge facing manufacturers of fire doors, with this new ticket is the primary prerequisite for each company will continue to sell. Fire doors play a key role in a variety of building fire isolation device. Whether the fire doors when the fire broke out effectively play the role, size and fire losses are closely related. According to authoritative statistics analysis, the number of fires in crowded places of death, 82% were due to inhalation of interior decoration materials released by burning toxic smoke poisoning suffocation. Fire deadly culprit is often not a fire, but the smoke. As early as before substantial spread of fire, a lot of people already because excessive inhalation of toxic fumes and coma, died in the fire. Fire is relentless, we can not predict the occurrence of disasters, but we can do a good job fighting measures in advance to ensure that disaster comes reduce the maximum loss.