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Company Detail

Company Detail

Zhejiang Meixin Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Hengyan Industrial Zone, Zhiying Town, Yongkang City. Since the establishment of the enterprise in 2000, it has more than 800 employees, more than 50 people with intermediate professional titles, more than 50,000 square meters of workshop area, and more than 8,000 fixed assets. ten thousand. The main products include anti-theft doors, fire doors, and metal entrance doors.

Meixin Industrial Co., Ltd. has always been adhering to technological innovation, "quality first, customer first" as its purpose, "beautiful, environmentally friendly, warm and good" as its philosophy, and "integrity-based and common development" as its foundation, and constantly promote the rapid development of the enterprise. In 2008, it was rated as "Science and Technology" advanced enterprise by Zhejiang Province; as "AAA" enterprise by Zhejiang Agricultural Bank; and "Double Hundred" enterprise in Yongkang City. The anti-theft door series products won the title of "Famous Products" in China Hardware Fair. The company has nearly 100 kinds of patented product designs, among which the fire-resistant door filler has been rated as "High-tech Innovative Environmental Protection Product" by Zhejiang Province.

"Meixin" brand anti-theft doors are entering thousands of households and are well-known all over the world. They are the most satisfying and trustworthy brand of consumers. The company has also passed the ISO9001:2000 management system certification; in 2011, the Maxim brand was recognized as one of the "Top Ten Leading Brands in China's Defense Security Doors"; CE environmental certification; GMC "Global Manufacturer" certification was obtained; being GMC not only represents "Maxim" in China A real manufacturer, and the surface has the ability to produce high-quality products. Social environmental responsibility, reputation, goodwill and past OEM, ODM experience and other comprehensive strengths fully demonstrate that Zhejiang Meixin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise.

Achievements belong to the past, and glory is still in the future. We, Meixin people, will never give up the spirit of "pursuing excellence" and, as always, dedicate our best quality products to friends all over the country!

Service purposes

In response to the actual needs of customers, we adhere to the principle of "Quality First, Customer First", and conduct order-based production according to customers' performance requirements for products. Based on the domestic and global perspective, establish a complete marketing network and high-quality after-sales service system.

Sincerely thank you for choosing all kinds of products under "Mexin" Door Industry. Our company will fulfill the following promises:

1. All products sold by our offices or general sales offices are guaranteed for one year and maintained for life.

2. For products sold by our offices or general sales offices, during the warranty period, if the quality of the products is defective, our offices or general sales offices will be responsible for repairs; if improper use or man-made damage, our company will do the work separately The office or general distribution office only charges maintenance costs.

3. Whenever our offices or general sales offices sell products, no matter at any time, our offices or general sales offices need to provide maintenance, our offices or general sales offices guarantee that after receiving the service call, Arrived within 24 hours.

The company's products are underwritten by the People's Insurance Company of China for product liability insurance. Within one year of purchasing our company’s products, if the internal quality of the product leads to theft or theft, resulting in loss of family property, our company can pay up to 1,000 yuan for the compensation.

Our Vision
得益于水平井及水力压裂等技术的突破,美国的“页岩气革命”使世界能源格局发生了改变。但是开采页岩气需要大量水,同时开采过程的化学物质可能污染地下水源;可燃冰的储量庞大,科学家估计海底可燃冰足够人类使用1000 年,但其开发可能诱发海底滑坡等地质灾害。