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Highlighting the advantages of professional brand

Time:2016-06-21 08:58:46
In addition to consolidation within the industry, relying on real estate as an external security door industry, as the market changes, from rough housing decoration to the current era of building decoration materials are more show.

In recent years, coupled with the Chinese consumer market matures, the national brand awareness gradually increased, with fine decoration supporting parts brands have begun to function, brand security door industry is also increasingly prominent.

Compared with the retail, 2013 Maxim Safety Doors German construction market accounted for nearly 85%. For the project to develop the business market, Zhang Tongjie expressed the need to focus on pre-service, sales process and after-sales service, "the details reflect the professionalism of the brand."

In addition to a good product quality and price to be perfect, the pre-service is also very important, it is mainly how to guide customers a good product knowledge. Zhang Tongjie noted security door selection is critical support services, the current user choices are broad, such as Panpan security door includes a door frame, frame type, etc. There are 21 variables, in addition, the box alone there are more than 30 kinds of type, and Rim influence on home security door entrance doors decorative effect is relatively large. "Hence the need for a process of communication with customers, helping them to understand that this is responsible for the end-user of the owners." In addition, safety door installation process is also very important. It is understood that home security door is "useful", 70% from the sales process, namely, the production enterprises and construction units on-site installation and commissioning of the complex.

Specific security door products, the future industry will gradually attach importance to environmental protection and functionality. The demand for security doors from the most primitive fire prevention, anti-theft feature, and gradually developed into a greater emphasis on ease of use, aesthetics and attention to decorative effect. Categories as the main decorative materials, with the room decor needs to combine and integrate into the more fashionable elements.