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Door folk culture

Time:2016-06-21 08:58:05
Door, also deduce all sorts of colorful folk culture: New Year's Eve on the door couplets and "Fu", the first day of chicken paste the door, breaking five "send out poor," Lantern Festival lanterns festival gate, door Qingming Wickers , Guyu door stickers symbol ban scorpion, silkworm month day behind closed doors, in April eight marry caterpillars, hanging door Dano Ai-chang, the dog days dog gates spine, July and a half door for Magok, dogwood spilled wine Chongyang door, the door on the winter solstice rice round ...... finishing release: innovative machine - security door professional equipment manufacturers
In this view ancient, many things indeed marvelous, God was a bit weird. Function produces various door mystery, coupled with imagination, the results of "animism" This door, which door is the ancients deified, festival of worship. And age along the hairpin so much cultural information on the door titanite, doors, added a front and a landscape, culture, people today to look for the door, leaving a lingering flavor taste.
Folklore believes that the door is spatially separated inside and outside signs, is a first step people indoors and off the throat, therefore, turn a one called "gateway." It has always attached great importance to deal with all kinds of doors. Someone once said: Chinese classical architecture is the art of the door. In fact, ordinary people, the door is more than "art", also believes that related to a person's good and bad fortune. It will be at the top of the door housing repair build houses.