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China (Yongkang) International Door Industry Expo ancillary products

Time:2016-06-21 08:55:40
Scope of Exhibits:
Lock: mechanical locks, electronic locks, intelligent locks, panic locks, padlocks, vehicular traffic locks, glass locks and lock cylinder, lock, key blanks, module lock feature (with) pieces;
Other security products: safe (box), security equipment and systems, anti-theft devices and alarms, access control systems;
Door and window hardware, associated with (with) pieces and supplies: spring, handle, spreaders, hinges, hinges, rails, door suck, suck, doors, door closers, door mirrors, layering, handles, latches, window hooks, anti-hotlinking, sensing door opening and closing devices;
Industrial doors accessories: a variety of coatings, door core, decorative door, Door line, polymer materials, steel materials, sealing materials, all kinds of plastic products, foam sealant, etc;
Machine tool equipment categories: all kinds of doors and windows, locks, security products manufacturing and processing tools, testing instruments and equipment.