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Gate prices to be changed in export marketing models of the domestic market to be excavated

Time:2016-06-21 08:55:11
In recent years, whole categories of industry competition, coupled with the outbreak of the global financial crisis since last year, thus making the doors of enterprises facing a new round of reshuffle and challenges, especially for export-oriented enterprises, they will face the door a paradigm shift in the marketing problem.
All week, the financial crisis was caused by the US subprime mortgage crisis caused to, so as to gradually spread to the rest of the world, and the Chinese government and people respond positively, with the smooth development of China's economic construction, so the financial crisis It has been basically reduced to a minimum.
As the export-oriented enterprises in the door, due to the gradual reduction of foreign orders, forcing the door was half of the overall decline in total sales, so that, if companies do not adopt better policies on marketing ideas, then enterprises will face the door decline or even bankruptcy situation.
To solve this problem, many sensible door manufacturers enterprises to actively adjust the marketing ideas, gradually spread to domestic export-oriented marketing model into a domestic-based marketing ideas come up, so that you can concentrate on the domestic market of the main context, thereby minimizing the impact of the financial crisis on the market, after all, a comprehensive comparison countries China is one of the smallest national level by the financial crisis, coupled with the rapid development of the domestic economic reform and opening up 30 years, local economy unusually active and the real estate industry a strong pull.