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Gate prices to be changed in export marketing models of the domestic market to be excavated

Time:2016-06-20 19:24:39
Steel frame structure hydraulic press, in order to solve the problem of the prior art and the invention. Comprises, in the body holder frame structure and hydraulic cylinders, specifically by the bracket body is provided on both sides of the support plate, the support plate is provided between the two sides of the bottom of the platform and the support plate is provided between the two sides of the supporting steel structure, hydraulic cylinder provided on the support plate, the piston end of the hydraulic cylinder is connected to the fixed slider, slider fixed on the support plate is provided below the inner opposite sides of the support plate provided with a guide slider and set the slider cooperates fixed slider along the guide slider. Body holder frame structure consisting of the product, the process without welding, to increase the mechanical strength, hydraulic cylinder to drive the piston drive end fixed slider door frame structure slider along product-oriented, flexible and simple structure, low cost, operation simple.
      Features: This series machine power source can be manually or electrically operated, simple and quick, compact structure withered, sensitive and reliable, high speed, low energy consumption, low noise. According to user requirements production of various modifications of the series machine, but also to achieve dwell function, with the overall welded steel frame chassis, the overall rigidity, high compressive strength; pressure, stroke, pressure and other process requirements can be adjusted pressing ; having the ejector, on the entry materials, or materials under complex roof shallow drawing different models derived, for a variety of press-forming process needs; clamping pressure from rising fast, only a few seconds to reach the rated pressure ; using an independent-type tank, replace the fuel tank and cleaning easy; after more than ten years of production quality and reliable performance